Importance of donating money for temple construction

Donating Money for Temple Construction as per Agni Purana

  • Devotees who help to construct temples are freed from sins of a thousand births
  • Departed soul of a devotee who contributed towards temple construction will reach the abode of Lord Vishnu, thus escaping from the sufferings to be undergone in hell.
  • One who killed a Brahmin(Brahma - Hatya dosha) can be nullified through donation for temple construction.
  • Devotees who helped to construct temple (by providing construction materials, by donating money or by physical servcie) acquires punya of bathing at all sacred shrines.
  • Devotee who help build a temple is born as a man of good deeds and his family is well off.
  • Devotees who offer donation to temple are enlightened spiritually & he will gain spiritual power.
  • In our wall of life we go to Hospitals, clinics to cure our diseases/illness, Temples are spiritual clinics where it cleans all our karmas & shaapas. Hence, Temple construction / renovations are necessary in the life. Donating to temple construction is as good as contributing to its growth. An individual unknowingly becomes involved in the spread of spirituality.
  • Donating to temple construction is the ultimate remedy to overcome any type of dosha or shaapa.
  • One good donation to temple construction which pleases God is equal to all good deeds done in one year.
  • Doing donation to temple construction eliminates fear, unhappiness and brings confidence in self. Charity should be done secretly.
  • Donating to temple construction anything on Birthday’s, Anniversary's will be very fortunate.

Donating Money for Temple Construction as per Astrology

  • As per the writings in 'Jyothishya-Shasthra' , the people, who in their entire lifetime , fail to or completely stop the divine rituals and worship of their ancestral male and female deities (Kula Deva and Kula Devi), will experience problems such as infertility or give birth to children with various kinds of disabilities. By donating to temple construction, people can get rid of above-mentioned curse/problems (dosha) existing in their horoscope.
  • The 'Parihara-Jyothishya' section of Varaahamihira's 'Jyothishya-Shaasthra' says that, by offering donations to temple construction will help destroy the problems of horoscope pertaining to non-payment of debts to brother, sister, brother-in-law or sister-in-law.
  • Ones who have killed their parents, betrayed them, tortured them, will have strong negative influence of Surya(Sun) and Chandra(Moon) in their respective horoscopes. The best way to obtain solution to this problem is by donating to temple construction/renovation activities of male and female deities.

Donating Money for Temple Construction as per Garuda Purana

  • People who have misused money, political power, temple administration power, indulged in illicit activities inside temple premises, performed robbery/theft of Lord’s clothing, jewellery or other items, will take birth as a dog and suffer their entire life in the temple premises to repay the debt (Ref. Garudapurana). If people have such curse (doshas) in their horoscope, a simple way to get rid of them is by donating to temple construction/ renovation.
  • Usage of funds collected by temple construction/renovation for personal purposes will result in such people taking birth as monkeys in their next birth as stated in Garudapurana. If anyone has performed such mistakes knowingly/unknowingly in this present birth, the best opportunity to avoid this curse(dosha) is to donate generously for temple construction/renovation.
  • Similarly, as described in Garudapurana if any temple officials/workers have utilized the Materials, food grains or other items belonging to temple for their own personal use, they will take next 10 future births as a beggar(bikshuka). By offering donations to temple construction/renovation, one can avoid being born as a beggar and these kinds of mistakes can be resolved.
  • The children who fail to take care of their parents or the ones who fail to live life alongside their parents will be subjected to the ancestral curse (Pithrudevatha Shaapa). Such people can get rid of their curse by offering donations to construction/ renovation of the temples of male and female deities who are equivalent to Father and Mother.
  • In some cases, due to Inter-caste marriages, there will be confusions regarding the worship of their ancestral deities and hence, the traditions will be discontinued. Due to this, their generation will give birth to handicapped children. By donating to temple construction/ renovation, such problems can be solved.
  • Those who have used unethical ways to capture an ancestral property/belonging, will suffer loss of wealth and happiness in all their future births. If such people donate to temple construction/renovation activities, they can get rid of these curses (doshas)

Donating Money for Temple Construction as per Shrimad Bhagwat Puranas

  • It has been described in the ancient scriptures of 'Manushruthi' and 'Dharmasindhu' that, the one who offers financial aid ,donations or service for the construction of temple will enjoy all sorts of wealth such as own house, vehicle, best employment opportunities, etc in all the future births to follow.
  • Lord himself has said in 'Shrimadh Bhagavatha' that for every single rupee of money or service offered by a person will earn him money back in multiples of thousands or lakhs. Hence, it is said in these scriptures that, people who do not provide any help for the construction of temples will suffer problems such as living in a rented house or living their entire life in other’s captivity.
  • In the Srimad Bhagavatam we find the following verse: offering donations to install the Deity of the Lord, to construct or renovate the temple one goes to the abode of Lord Vishnu after his death (attains Moksha).
  • A person who donates to a temple for construction or renovation so many thousands of years will he/She be able to reside in the heavenly planets.
  • “Whoever constructs or donates to construct a temple will protect eight generations of fathers, grandfathers, and forefathers from falling into hell.” one can attain the eternal spiritual world (Vaikunta). One can attain heavenly pleasures. This is known as 'Ajnata sukriti', which means pious credit acquired unknowingly.
    Vamana purana.

Donating Money for Temple Construction as per Skanda Purana

  • If one contributes towards temple construction or renovation becomes increasingly a more tangible and feasible reality in one’s life.
  • In the Skanda Purana there is the following verse: "Just by donating for the construction or renovation of a temple will be wiped out all the sins which committed in seven birth sand and one will deliver his forefathers who are suffering in the hellish planets."

Donating Money for Temple Construction as per Smritis

  • When one does not know which specific 'prayaschitta' to be performed, 'the remedy of offering donations (Daana) comes very handy. Moreover, it can be done by anyone without any restrictions.
  • And its more effective remedy in Kali Yuga particularly because of the following verse:
  • Parashara Smriti says:
    "Tapah Param Krita Yuge TretAyAm GyAnamuchayathe | DwApare YajnamevAhuh DAnameva Kalau Yuge||
  • " Self-mortification is the rule in the Krita age ; knowledge is said to be the same in the Treta ; in the Dvapara, they say sacrifice to the gods to be the sole rule ; and charity alone in the Kali age.(Parashara Smriti, Chapter 1,verse 23)
  • 'Daana' (gift giving) is central to all Dharmas and its ritual and spiritual practices. The 'Manusmriti' declares that the timing of the gift is also important. According to our ancient scriptures, gifting of food, cattle, gold, silver, land, water, and giving wealth for the construction or reconstruction
  • Please take advantage of this rare occasion by coming forward and helping us in our service of constructing the temple. By doing so, you will find that your lives will become happy and prosperous and that the Paramatma (Super soul with eternal divinity) will fulfill all of your desires.

Donating Money for Temple Construction as per Vastu Shastra


Remedies to different types of Vaastu Doshas:

  • Jeerna Vaastu Dosha: People who are staying in old houses (>80yrs) are unable to renovate for many years. Sufficient Punya is accquired to renovate the house by donating to temple construction or renovation.
  • Shilaa Vaastu Dosha: Many people would have started their house construction, but will be facing too many hindrances to complete it. Donating towards temple construction or renovation will acquire sufficient punya in order to complete their house construction.
  • Shanku Vaastu Dosha: In many families, due to vastu dosha, members of a family die one after the other at regular intervals. By donating to temple construction or renovation, one can overcome this kind of dosha.
  • Kupa Vaastu Dosha: People end up changing their house frequently or will not be able to stay in one house for a longer duration. Donation towards temple construction or renovation, one will get the blessings of God so as to stay at one house for a long time.

Message from Dr. Guruji Lakshmi Srinivas

Please take advantage of this rare occasion by coming forward and helping us in our service of constructing the temple. By doing so, you will find that your lives will become happy and prosperous and that the darling of all our hearts (Paramatma – Supreme soul) will fulfill all of our desires.  ||Om Tat Sat||

Now, by the reconstruction of Lord Panduranga temple in Malleshwaram, the devotees have a golden opportunity to donate and worship Lord Panduranga, and Rukmini Devi, who have been protecting this entire world and who also have immense power to destroy all the sins/curses related to betrayal of parents(PithruShaapa) , siblings(BrathruShaapa), misuse of power/funds, etc.
Guruji Dr.Lakshmi Srinivas